Hizmoes Global Resources Ltd, Owner of www.insulationsell.com . We are one of Nigeria's diversified establishment with major insulation expertise for walls, roof and floor.

Our activities includes but not limited to the following;
  • Thermal Insulation Solutions (Wall/roof/floor/pipe)
  • Coldroom Construction/Solutions and Services
  • Portable cabin / Portacabins fabrication and installation
We sell high grade products for use in industrial & Commercial sectors, personal application, residential sectors. The products are as follows;
  •  Polyurethane sandwich panels
  •  Polyurethane insulation boards
  • Polyurethane Pipe sections
  • Doors (Clean rooms,  Cold room/freezer room
Hizmoes Global Resources  provide expert advice as well as support for planning and realization of your project regardless of its size - from industrial to turn-key warehouse. We arrange everything including transportation.